Mechanisms that damn reformism to always fail

Foreword: I wrote this essay in December 2016 and edited it a bit. I recommend it to be read by comrades who still have reformist illusions, to see, how senseless it is to still hope in successful reformism in a bourgeois state.

1. “Representative Democracy”: You elect deputies all 4/5 years who are not responsible to you, so it could be the case that you throw your ballot in the box and these who were elected by you say to you “Haha! You fool, we don´t care about our promises.”. You are unable to do anything against it on the legal way. The democracy is perverted down to just the act of election itself and that is it. No accountability to the voters, but only “to the own mind” for the deputies, what means in fact their wallets.

2. Legality: In most countries you can not call for dictatorship of proletariat openly as a party, you have to censor yourself to what is legal, just like Lenin had to do for his party in Russia. Furthermore you will be under watch of the security organs and they will place agents into your party and organizations. These will of course try to liquidate or split the party or pervert it into a social-democratic party.

3. Election campaign: Another problem is the funding of the campaign. If you “survived” the first two steps and land here you will need lots of money to become far known as a party. The ridiculous thing in the Federal Republic of Germany is that every Euro funding regenerates the right on another Euro funding by the state. Who benefits from it? The big bourgeois parties who gain lots of funds from the German monopoly bourgeoisie. It is alone because of this in fact impossible to become a big party without bourgeois financiers. Look at the AfD: They came into talkshows (private and state-owned senders) before they were elected into parliaments, but I have never seen in example one person from the DKP (German Communist Party; revisionists, but officially Germany´s biggest communist party) or so. The AfD is a party of the bourgeoisie, totally. They are like NSDAP, not just by their ideological content, but also the fact, that they became a big and known party after the German bourgeoisie started funding them also.

4. Bribe/blackmail: So, for the unlikely case that your party came so far to get the majority of seats the bourgeoisie will firstly try to bribe or blackmail your party. When you accept the bribery or get cowed by the blackmailing, you will end up as a lackey of bourgeoisie. You can see in Greece under Syriza how such a government would look like.

If you refuse, the following will happen:

5. Coup: Like Mossadek, Allende, Rousseff etc you will end up losing power on a way that has not even anything to do with bourgeois-democratic rights anymore. If your government does not “fit”, they will use anything to coup you away, like with a fascist junta in Allende´s case, with illegal abuse of laws in Rousseff´s case (she was replaced on a way the laws normally do not allow so easily) or with paid “opposition”, a paid mob like it was once used in Iran in example to coup away Mossadek.

Therefore: Our only way is revolutionary struggle against the bourgeois regime, not reformist hopes!